Horseback Riding Victoria  BC  Canada
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We would like to thank all previous customers and supporters of HorseBack Riding Victoria (owned and operated by OAV Tours Ltd).  Due to increasing costs and mounting losses, govt regulation, dog attacks and odd complaints by grumpy residents we are no longer able to offer Horseback riding at a reasonable cost.  Horseback riding is being limited to people who can afford their own horses and enjoying a trail ride or beach ride is becoming more and more out of reach for those who cannot afford to own a horse.  

I started the business to share with others my wonderful experiance riding and swimming with a horse.  It was one of the peak experiances in my life.  I have volenteered all my time in the last few years and purchased lots of supporting equipment to try and reduce costs and improve efficency. However, costs keep rising regardless and losses keep mounting.  So it is with a sad heart I will take my losses and no longer offer the service.

If you have an interest in any adventure tourism in BC I would recommend you take advantage of it as soon as possible lest it become much more expensive or cease to exist.

And special thanks to:

Christine Neidhoefer (manager and trail guide)

Dieter Gerhard (North Studio) advice and website

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